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Camping Blog!
  1.   America is a fortunate country, for nowhere else in the world can there be found so many prepared campsites or so much forested land developed for camping. No other nation has so many state and national parks and forests where one may camp all year round. No other place contains such a variety of wonderland, ranging from 200 feet below sea level in Death Valley to 20,320 feet in elevation in the great beautiful state of Alaska.
      Lots of families each year will be making their first camping vacation into the great outdoors.
      Years ago camping was looked upon as an experience for only the strong and hardy. Some of these rugged individuals still enjoy living in the woods, however, now-a-days  friends and family make camping a vacation or maybe a weekend or just overnight.
      We find that getting away from our jobs and stress of the city is a refreshing experiene for all of us. Not worring about how we are dressed, able to eat simple meals. There is so much fun and adventure awaiting, and maybe this vacation will be a short one. Maybe you just want to relax, or maybe go hiking, swiming, boating, sightseeing, trail riding or bike riding, play a game of horseshoes or any outdoor sport. Enjoy the wildlife, lakes and streams, mountains, or deserts of this great vacation land. Our elders and the less fortunate who prefer to stay at camp can enjoy  beautiful scenery, the cool fresh sound of a gurgling stream, sounds of birds and other animal life, smell the fragrant forest of pine and fir. And how wonderful to wake up to the smell of coffee and some bacon cooking on your camp stove.
      At night, under the starry heavens, in your home away from home, just being able to drift off to sleep, seduced by the whisper of the breeze singing through the pines, the music of a mountain stream, the call of a night bird, or a distant call of the coyote.
      When we sleep out under the stars, we have that sense of peace, the mystery of the great outdoors, and feel much closer to nature and to God. 
    Photos courtesy of The Vintage Traveler