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The entirety of their sexual education has most likely come just before their weddings in classes or tutorials with a kallah. Below is a full list of descriptions of the classes & workshops being offered at kallah 2016. To view the course guide online, click here for the interactive pdf file located here. To print the course guide, click here for a black & white, downloadable version of the pdf file. He told me that if i preferred he could put me on oral medications to try out first. And i decided to try out the medical route before jumping into. We cant undo 20 years of condition with a few weeks of kallah classes,.   as with female masturbation, oral sex performed on a woman does not raise issues of spilled semen. Though some more stringent opinions consider the practice forbidden on various grounds among them, a prohibition on staring at a womans genitals both maimonides and the rema explicitly permit a man to kiss any limb of his wifes body that he desires. Welcome to jofas ask a kallah teacher blogcast! Im honored to be moderating this conversation, and really look forward to helping people get answers to their questions on this important topic. Our panelists will all be checking in a few times a day throughout the course of this blogcast, and while i may post new questions even if not everyone has answered in order to keep the conversation. We are from a chasidic community and our choson kallah classes were pretty clear about what kind of relations were mutar. From reading and talking to other people we have realized that there is more to the story than we got. For a woman, theres the corresponding kallah (bride) class, taught by the rabbis wife or another teacher. The custom underscores the extent to which orthodox judaism treats sex as a sacred, tightly prescribed act, limited to the boundaries of (heterosexual) marriage and intrinsically bound to ritual. Selena gomezs sultry pop song made me think of dating in orthodoxy, and wrestling with shomer negiah (laws prohibiting contact between the sexes prior to marriage). Many couples who start out being shomer negiah end up having a physical relationship prior to marriage (whether publically or covertly). Most commonly, they learned about sex from friends, written material, and media (movies and television) followed by family members, kallah classes or high school classes, and experimentation. Less than 10 percent cited health professionals as being a source of sex education.

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